Italian – German:     

translated, Rome // Rechtsanwälte Dr. Imhof und Partner, Aschaffenburg // Rechtsanwalt Sami Caki, Berlin // Baukammer Berlin // Giudice di Pace Palermo // Giudice di Pace Caprino-Veronese // Giudice di Pace Alghero // Guardia di Finanza Chiasso // Tribunale di Potenza // EMO Firenze // Ambasciata d´Italia a Berlino // YIPPEE Gozo // MICE to see you, Poland // various clients and agencies

English – German:   

translated, Rome // TTI Malta // bitemojo, Jerusalem // 2M Melbourne // YIPPEE Gozo // translated, Rome// Eurabic Translations, Dubai // [ Orient Translations Barcelona – I strongly advice to work for Orient Translations Barcelona / Oriente Servicio de Traducción Barcelona only after having received your payment in advance !!! My own unpaid invoices with Orient Translations Barcelona add up to almost 2.500 €. They are not identical with Orient Translations Istanbul ! ] // various clients and agencies

French – German: 

Lette & Associés, Montréal  // translated, Rome // Terre De Mots, Bordeaux //

eliTrad, Quimper // YIPPEE Gozo // various clients and agencies


La France en Allemagne (Ambassade de France – liste des avocats)

Voice Acting * Voice Over

find voice samples in German, English, French and Italian on:

Impressum / Contact

Heiko Jörges, German Legal Assessor / Ass. iur. (D) & Banking Officer
Tel. Malta:               +356 77 19 37 84
Tel. Germany:      –
E-Mail: joergesheiko

Photography and Film :                             

I am exempted from charging VAT under Maltese VAT Reg. 2011 (L.N. 524 / 2010) / Art. 11 VAT Act.

ID + Tax-ID Malta: 0107319A​ / 669418834
Codice Fiscale Repubblica Italiana: JRGHKE68L15Z112I
Steuer-ID Deutschland: 46 729 051 895


from October 2022:

Besedo Malta, full time employee, compliance, fraud control & customer service

since August 2013

freelance translator – lawyer linguist:   

English, Italian & French into German (legal & business)

Photography and Film :                             

Malta StoryTime                                                       reading and live music events

2002 – 2013: lawyer and lawyer linguist in Berlin (Germany)
German, Italian and French criminal and civil
law; audiences in Germany and Italy
freelance translator (English, Italian and French into
German,) for lawyers and various companies
enlisted with the Italian and French Embassy at

1999 – 2002: lawyer and lawyer linguist in Mannheim (Germany)
German and Italian criminal and civil law;
small claims arbitration at the District Court of
freelance teacher for IAL-CISL, sezione scuola
(school-section of the Italian consulate in Stuttgart)

Legal intern

April 1997 – April 1999

Title of qualification awarded:  2nd German State Examination in law /”Rechtsassessor”

Court providing qualification Landgericht Konstanz (District Court)

Main activities practical training as ”Rechtsreferendar”
(terms with judges, state-attorney, public
freelance translator

December 1998 – February 1999:
legal intern:
Lette & Associés, avocats, barristers and solicitors
615 Bd. René-Lévesque Ouest – Suite 1010
Montréal QC H3B 1P9 Canada;
Dates Sept 1991 to April 1997

1991 – 1997 Universität Mannheim (Germany) + Università degli Studi di Ferrara (Italy)

Title of qualification awarded 1st State Examination in law

Sept. 1994 – June 1995
ERASMUS student at Università di Ferrara/ Italy

Bank clerk (Deutsche Bank Mannheim)

August 1989 – August 1991

Deutsche Bank Mannheim: apprenticeship, bank clerk („Bankkaufmann“)

Military Service 1988/89 (Bundeswehr)

as lorry driver


extra in over 70 film and TV productions in Germany and Malta 

( Inglorious Basterds, Don 2, Sui Passi Tuoi,  Monuments Man, Polizeiruf 110, SWR Dimitrious Schulze), Limestone Cowboy, El Principe, IT-TFAL, Vestige, Tatort)

actor in several films (eg Double Exposure, Scobel)

Other skills and activities

Languages:  German    –    mother tongue   / English and Italian: fluent / French: fluent / Serbian & Maltese: a few sentences to go shopping ;o)

PC-scills: Winword, Open Office, Excel, ANotext, Excel, MateCat, MemoQ, MovieMaker, Audacity, aegisub and Amara (both subtitling tools) …

piano improvisations

Philosophy Sharing Gozo: Secretary since March 2018

Valletta Film Festival 2014 – 2016: Photographer

Tribe & Smile Berlin 2012 – 2013: Event Organization, Photographer, Translator

WWF Berlin 2003 – 2008: Volunteer, Event organization, various

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